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Webinar: David Erickson and Glenn Karwoski - The Development Of The Levesol Promise CampaignThe Development Of The Levesol Promise Campaign David Erickson and Glenn Karwoski, Karwoski & Courage, share how they plan for submitting campaigns to PR and marketing contests. They highlight the activities one must consider and do before the submission deadline. Key tips: Have good writing, think about the design (make it look good), and use the three mantra: three words are best for remembering & email subject lines.

One addendum via David Erickson for the question “When collecting submission materials, do you have any tools or tips to share?”

  • “One tool that I use routinely and have found invaluable when collecting submission materials is the Nimbus browser extension ( )”
  • “It allows you to take screenshots and also has annotation tools, so you can highlight or point to something within the screenshot. Another great features is its screen recording capabilities. If there is an online process that is best illustrated with video and voiceover, this tool will easily do it for you.”

This webinar was held April 18, 2018, and is now available to all ARC members below, and at URL –

Email for the access code to watch the webinar.

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