Entry Requirements

Congratulations on choosing to enter the time-honored Golden ARC Awards Contest. Entries for the 2022 Contest must include public relations activities conducted in full or partly during 2021. Entries will fall into two categories: the Campaigns Division and the Tactics Division.

Each entry must include the following:

  1. a completed entry form;
  2. an accompanying entry summary;
  3. supportive materials; and
  4. payment.

Online Entry Form

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE COMPLETED AND SUBMITTED THROUGH THE ONLINE REGISTRATION PORTAL. Once the online entry form is submitted, you may submit your entire entry online. Simply follow the instructions for submission.

The 2022 Golden ARC Awards Contest will accept entries through March 1, 2022.


Entry Summary

A summary of NO MORE THAN TWO pages is the core component of your entry. It must include ALL of the following elements (Note:  judges will assign points for each area listed below. Fully providing all the requested information is the key to maximizing entry success. Submitting an Entry Summary longer than two pages will result in a disqualification by judges.)

  1. Title of entry
  2. Award category entered
  3. Campaign or Tactic overview – Include a short summary of the campaign or tactic and what it accomplished
  4. Background – Provide the background or context explaining why the campaign or tactic was initiated
  5. Research  –  Describe the primary and secondary research used in planning
  6. Planning – List target audiences, objectives, strategies and key considerations involved in program planning
  7. Execution  –  List or describe key activities
  8. Evaluation  –  Describe program evaluation methods and results
  9. Other  –  Include other supporting information as necessary or appropriate
  10. Budget (optional)

Supportive Materials

Campaign and Tactics Division entries may be only submitted online. In addition to the entry form and one- or two-page summary, you may choose to submit examples of your entry and/or supportive materials, such as those items described in the summary. Examples of supporting materials include: background information or situation analysis; surveys, research reports, environmental scans or surveys; plans or plan summaries; collateral or promotional materials; key program elements; news releases; clippings; web page captures; other samples of tactical materials; and documentation of measurement and evaluation.

Digital Submission:  The digital submission must be sent as a single PDF. The file should be created with all materials combined into one document which includes the title page, table of contents, entry summary and supportive materials in order of relevance. Detailed information and supporting materials should also follow a logical flow and order. Web links may also be used for supportive material.


When you submit your Online Entry Form, you may pay for your entry via PayPal with a credit card. Click on the ‘calculate entry fee’ button to pay once you have submitted your entries. However, if you wish, you may choose to pay via a mailed check. If a check is mailed, it should be made payable to the Agricultural Relations Council and must be postmarked no later than the entry deadline date. Note: A copy of the Online Entry Form(s) label must accompany the check. All entry fees must be paid by the entry closing date of the contest, March 1. 2022.

Rules and Guidelines

For the 2022 Golden ARC Awards, at least some part of the program must have occurred in calendar year 2021.

Entrants must select a single category for each entry. However, programs can be entered in more than one category, if the entry also meets the criteria or requirements of the additional categories. If a program is entered in more than one category, each entry must be submitted separately, with all of the required entry documentation and with a separate entry fee.

Through the Golden ARC Awards Contest entry process, those entering the Contest will become ARC members by paying an additional fee on their first submission. After this first entry, the new ARC member will receive all the benefits of ARC membership for the calendar year. Thus, all entrants to the Golden ARC Awards Contest will be dues-paying ARC members.

Note: The ARC Awards Committee may waive deadline requirements in the event of significant weather events, catastrophic events (earthquakes, volcanoes, acts of terrorism, natural or man-made disasters), or other significant events.

Entries are not returned, and become the property of ARC. Entries may be displayed at the awards ceremony and may be made available to university educators for use in classroom education. Judges’ decisions are final. Entry fees are not refundable.

Winners will receive one award per winning entry. Additional copies of awards may be purchased through ARC, and will include the costs of duplicate awards, handling and shipping, and processing fees.

(Note: Entries will not be accepted via e-mail or mail this year. Only entry material submitted online through this process will be accepted.)

Entry Deadlines and Fees

* Entries Close: Entries must be received by March 1, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

* Non-Member Fee – $190 for membership fee (qualifies one for ARC Membership), plus $125 per campaign entry or $75 per tactic entry

* Member Fee – $125 per campaign entry or $75 per tactic entry

* Student Entry (Students may enter any category) – Free to student ARC members

* All entry fees are non-refundable

Make checks payable to Ag Relations Council.  Mail checks to:  ARC, 126 W. Main Street, New Prague, MN 56071.


For additional information, please contact Contest Manager Sandra O’Rourke at 952/758-5811 or sandra@cornerwindowcommunications.com.