Posted by: Christie Nissen on January 16, 2024

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Due to significant growth in 2023, Stratovation Group is seeking immediate applicants for new marketing and support positions to be located at the company’s Columbus office. The positions, posted on the Stratovation Group website, require agricultural experience and include:

   •   Copywriter & Content Specialist: This position involves crafting compelling copy across various mediums, including press releases, long-form content, web copy, TV and radio scripts, and advertising materials.

   •   Marketing Specialist: This agricultural market position will focus on client product support, marketing support, analytics, and web support.

   •   Project Manager: This position is responsible for providing critical client support by coordinating marketing and product management initiatives.

   •   Marketing Coordinator: This position will ensure a smooth execution of client marketing activities, including scheduling, coordination, management and event support.

For more information about these immediate professional opportunities, visit:

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