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When Activities Have You Against The RopesCome Out Swinging – ARC’s October webinar focused on a water rights case study and how social media was used to influence legislation. Michael Rentiers, Managing Partner for Push Advocacy, and Reginald Hall, Promotion and Education Division Director for the SC Farm Bureau Federation, presented details on a strategy to help stop legislative attempts to repeal a South Carolina surface water withdraw law.

“People are getting their views from the Internet and making decisions based on what they see and read. For better or worse, that is what is happening. Lies and misinformation can spread faster that it’s ever been done before.” says Michael Rentiers. “If you are not on guard or proactively shaping your own messages on the Internet, you are already a step behind.”

The South Carolina Farm Bureau (SCFB ) launched a digital campaign utilizing a micro site ( ) that focused only on the specific issue. Additional tactics utilized targeted email campaigns to South Carolina legislature, contextual search ads on the water rights issues, and social media to help share and spread the message. These approaches helped turn the tide in public option, and grew the SCFB Facebook likes to 14,000 from 1,000 in six months.

This case study webinar is available (below) to ARC members as part of their membership at If you are an ARC member, you will receive the access information in the next ARCLight Newsletter or by contacting ARC at or 952.758.5811.

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