Posted by: John Blue on May 31, 2016

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Webinar: Engage - The Power of Shared ValuesWebinar: Engage – The Power of Shared Values This webinar with Donna Moenning shares how engage training goes beyond traditional message training. It’s a research based approach to communicating complex and controversial science in a way that’s much more powerful than standard message training.

The Center for Food Integrity’s peer-reviewed and published research shows that communicating with shared values is three-to-five times more important to building trust than simply providing information.

Veteran communication professional, Donna Moenning, a Sr. Program Manager for The Center for Food Integrity, will provide highlights of CFI’s Engage Training approach on this webinar for ARC members.

The presentation by Donna Moenning on May 12, 2016, is now available to ARC members:

Email for the access code.

Additionally, here are the presentation slides Donna Moenning shared, as a PDF file [link].

Donna all recommends researching the CFI website [link] and looking into the Engage Training [link].

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