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5 Ways to BEEF up Your Social Media MonitoringWhat five things can you do? – ARC’s March 2015 webinar focused on monitoring social media to help identify trends, issues, and opportunities. Joe Hansen, member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Issues & Reputation Management team, and Daren Williams, executive director of communications at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, provide insight on real approaches available for any organizations, large or small.

What are the five things? Joe walks through the following list and explains their meaning and what actions people should take.

  1. Move Beyond Mentions and Impressions
  2. Keywords are not “one and done”
  3. Go Down the Rabbit Hole
  4. Influencers, Influencers, Influencers
  5. Ground Yourself with a Baseline
  6. BONUS! – It’s Not Always About You

“To get started monitoring, start simple, pick a tool like Tweetdeck” says Joe Hansen. “See what your online conversation is like and see what [tool] works best for you.”

social media monitoring tools Joe also shared a resource to “Social Media Monitoring Tools“, an infographic that provides guidance on social media tools that many organizations can pick up and use right away.

The infographic organizes the information by organization size, price, and what the tool aims to provide. This is an excellent starting point after listening to Joe and Daren’s presentation.

This webinar is available (below) to ARC members as part of their membership at If you are an ARC member, you will receive the access information in the next ARCLight Newsletter or by contacting ARC at or 952.758.5811.

Note: the first two minutes of the audio has some distortion issues during Daren Williams’ intro; what he says is important so we left it in.

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