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ARC Website Summer 2014 UpdatesThe ARC Website functionality, as outlined in February and April, are completed. This includes the ability to, online, register for the ARC Conference, start/renew your ARC membership, and gain access to the ARC membership directory.

Other resources of importance that continue to be part of the ARC website include the job listings and newsletters. These now are posted individually to support better sharing on social media.

During the annual meeting in Madison, the 2014 – 2015 webinar series was outlined. The first webinar will be Q4 2014 and titled “When activists have you up against the ropes“, presented by Reggie Hall, Director, Promotion and Education at SC Farm Bureau Federation. Additional webinar topics on the content planning calendar include “Social media monitoring: why you need to do it?“, “How do you develop a winning entry for a media, marketing, or pr award program?“, and “Perspective on judging awards programs; case study on the winner of the Golden ARC Awards Program.

The ARC content plan, developed to help support the update of the ARC new website, will continue to be refined. This content plan is a work in progress aimed at helping you, as an ARC member, gain the most value out of your membership. You are encouraged to participate in the development of this content plan by joining the DraftIn session edit process [link] and to contribute content ideas to the content editorial calendar [Google doc]. If you have topic ideas for a webinar or blog post, please send a note.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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