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Tim Hammerich - Learning About Careers In Ag Through Social Media and PodcastsLearning About Careers In Ag Through Social Media and Podcasts As a recruiter, Tim Hammerich created the Future of Agriculture podcast to bring a deeper understanding of careers in agriculture to a wider audience. Tim uses content marketing to create awareness of careers in agriculture, plus leverages social media to expand the reach and conversations on what happens in ag jobs. In this interview, Tim also shares several tools, tips, and hacks that help him be more productive in today’s ever busy and disruptive world [audio link].

Some notes from the conversation:

  • If you had 15 minutes to talk with anyone in history, who would it be and why? – Tim is a Western U.S. buff so talking to Lewis and Clark would be a great conversation.
  • What is the one purchase you made you can’t live without? – – Tim says this saves many of those “when do you want to meet” back and forth conversations that happen frequently in business.
  • Some additional tools he mentions / recommends: 1) a content scheduling tool like CoSchedule and 2) Facebook live engagement with BeLive

Where to find Tim?

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