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Why We GatherDaren Williams Headshot

 By Daren William, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

ARC Board President

I recently received an e-mail from an “on-site web broadcasting company that captures events and makes it available for online distribution.” The pitch was to let them broadcast the entire 2016 ARC Annual Meeting directly to our members via the internet. I must admit the idea is intriguing. In this digital day and age why not make the ARC annual meeting available for members to watch from the comfort of their own office? Certainly it would be cheaper than traveling to the Twin Cities, staying at the Intercontinental St. Paul Riverfront atop the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, and spending time away from the office being productive.

In fact, why hold the meeting at all? Couldn’t we just line up the speakers in a series of webinars and do away with the gathering altogether? Well, yes, we could (hopefully you are already aware that we do host regular webinars, such as the upcoming “Engage—the Power of Shared Values” with Donna Moenning of the Center for Food Integrity on May 12). We could forego the flights and spend the nights in our own comfortable beds. I’m sure our spouses and bosses would be happy to have us at home.

What would we be missing? The point, that’s what. The point of gathering.

I’ve been to a lot of ARC meetings since I joined in 1988. Working with Paul Weller at Agri/Washington I actually help plan and run all of the ARC meetings from ’88 to ’97 (we used to meet twice a year back then). I have a lot of memories from those meetings, like the time we toured Ben and Jerry’s and Deb DeGraff from Monsanto pressured them about their anti-BST campaign (support for small dairy farmers not anti-science), or the time we toured Biosphere II near Tucson and someone in the group had the nerve to ask the eight original “biospherians” about the possibility of producing little biospherians (they didn’t think it was funny but we laughed all the way back to the hotel). Then there’s the tour of the marijuana growing operation at last year’s “Rocky Mountain High” conference in Denver (does anybody remember that?).

Here’s the point. We gather for a reason. We gather to interact with each other and learn from one another and make memories together. Make plans now to gather with us in Minnesota this June 21-23.


Den Gardner Headshot2016 ARC Meeting Set for St. Paul!

“St. Paul and ARC – The Times They Are A-Changin’

ARC Annual Meeting June 21-23 at Intercontinental Hotel

By Den Gardner, Executive Director

Registration is now open for the 2016 ARC annual meeting. As our own Bob Dylan would like to say: “The Times They Are A-Changin’. And that’s what ARC is all about as we continue to grow and provide great value to ag PR professionals everywhere. Please go to 2016 ARC Meeting link for all the exciting meeting details.2016_ARC_Conference_Logo

The 2016 annual meeting is less than three months off and the program committee has put together a fabulous agenda. Thanks to PR pros from many Minnesota organizations, the agenda will focus on a crisis communications case history involving the Avian flu and turkey growers, the farm to table PR opportunities for international companies like Land O’ Lakes, CHS Inc., and Syngenta, what PR challenges the state department of agriculture faces as it deals with many constituencies throughout Minnesota and much more.

The June meeting is in downtown St. Paul at the Intercontinental Hotel (just $185 per night) – right on the Mississippi River.

For those members looking for more professional development, two years ago the format was changed as an extra half-day was added to the agenda. Here’s a brief look at how the agenda is constructed:

MNDescriptionTuesday, June 21 – Board meeting and dinner. (Any members are allowed to attend board meeting.)

Wednesday, June 22 – Registration at 8:30 a.m., with the meeting beginning at 9 a.m. Meetings will run throughout the day. ARC business meeting will be held at lunch this day. The Agricultural Public Relations Hall of Fame banquet will be Wednesday evening.

Thursday, June 23 – Twin City-area tours will feature Syngenta, Land O’ Lakes and CHS Inc. Upon returning from the tours, the evening banquet will feature the Golden ARC Awards presentation,

For more information on the meeting, contact Den Gardner at: Your ARC staff is excited to host you in the Twin Cities.


CarolBodensteiner_ARCHofF2016Carol Bodensteiner named to Ag Relations Council Hall of Fame

Agricultural public relations veteran Carol Bodensteiner has been named as the new recipient to the Agricultural Public Relations Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Ag Relations Council and Agri Marketing magazine. The program recognizes lifetime contributions to public relations and the ARC.

Carol, now an author living and working in Iowa, had a 23-year career in ag public relations, mostly at CMF&Z Public Relations. For 10 years she served as president of the group. Active in ARC for many years, she worked at CMF&Z with local, regional, and national clients on everything from product introductions to community relations, legislative issues, and crisis management. Prior to joining the agency, she worked at the American Soybean Association as editor of Soybean Digest magazine.

Raised on the family farm in Maquoketa, Iowa, the University of Northern Iowa graduate, says her website biography, “followed her heart into creative writing after 1999. She also earned her MA in mass communications at Drake.

More details will be available as ARC prepares to honor Carol at its annual meeting in St. Paul on June 22. Today you can find her blogging about writing, her prairie, gardening, and whatever in life interests her at the moment. Her writing has been featured in The Iowan magazine and several anthologies.

She has written two books. Her first book, GROWING UP COUNTRY: MEMORIES OF AN IOWA FARM GIRL, a memoir about her childhood on the farm was published in 2008. Her debut novel, GO AWAY HOME, is set in Iowa in the years leading up to World War One. Published in 2014, GO AWAY HOME, she says “is a captivating coming of age novel that explores the enduring themes of family, friendship, and love, as well as death and grief.”

Carol is professionally accredited by the PRSA. She has been a contributing author for various publications in her career, including Public Relations Review and Public Relations Quarterly.

She lives with her husband on an acreage near Des Moines where a prairie, a vegetable garden, and hostas too numerous to count occupy her time when she’s not writing.

Carol, as the first woman inductee, joins this illustrious group of current Hall of Fame members: Don Lerch, Lyle Orwig, John Harvey, Paul Weller, Richard Howell, Gary Myers and Steve Drake.

This award is given annually to agricultural public relations professionals who have made lifetime contributions to the industry. Nominees must be a current or past member of ARC to be considered.


Oklahoma State Junior Named ARC Scholarship WinnerARC Scholarship Recipient 2016 JD Rosman

 JD Rosman, a junior at Oklahoma State University, has been named the 2016 ARC Scholarship winner. JD is pursuing an Agricultural Communications degree, with his goal to graduate in May of 2017.

ARC reinstituted its scholarship program in 2015 year after an absence of several years. Last year’s winner was Kate Griswold of the University of Wisconsin. Thanks to donations to the ARC Foundation from many members and Hall of Fame recipients, the program awards a $1,500 scholarship. ARC leadership will enhance the scholarship program in years to come and focus on other programs for college students seeking a career in ag communications after graduation.

JD has interned at grain and livestock ranches and in communications for Oklahoma Horizon TV and the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry as a PR intern.

His collegiate activities and leadership involvement includes: Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Encounter, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT), Oklahoma State Block and Bridle and Oklahoma State Collegiate Cattlemen. He will intern with the Angus Association this summer. His community involvement includes serving as an officer in the Washington Junior Angus Association and the Washington Association of Wheat Growers.

JD says choosing a career path in agriculture has been a “natural progression.” He grew up on a wheat and cattle ranch in eastern Washington. Through youth farm organizations he developed an aptitude for public speaking. That carried over into his collegiate choice. “My passion for agriculture coupled with my experiences led me to choose OSU to pursue a degree in ag communications with minors in animal science and ag economics,” he says.

He worked on promotional videos at the Oklahoma Department of Ag Food and Forestry. He also was a journalist on Oklahoma Horizon TV, covering social, economic and ag stories across the state.

Says Dwayne Cartmell, professor of ag communications at OSU: “From a young age, JD had responsibilities on the farm and learned to balance those with his academic and leadership activities. His love for agriculture is what brought him to OSU. His long-term career goal is to serve agriculture by helping bridge the information gap between producers and consumers as a communications professional.”

Adds Kirby Smith, field representative for Congressman Frank Lucas: “He brings an impressive skill set, attitude and level of maturity to every situation. JD traveled the state interviewing and videoing livestock exhibitors. His work on this project at the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry had been done previously by a fulltime staff member. JD seeks out worthwhile opportunities and exceeds the expectations others have for those positions.”

Additional ARC Scholarship details.


2016 Golden ARC Awards Contest update-

eventbrite-image-amy-addie-620wBy Adelita Tyson Bell

Entries for the 2016 Golden ARC Awards Contest closed Friday, April 1. There were 57 entries submitted which is consistent with that of the previous year. This was the second year using the online entry portal which streamlines the whole entry process. Thank you to all who helped support ARC by submitting entries. The PRSA Sunshine District will now begin judging all the campaign and tactic submissions.

Those who entered the contest are encouraged to attend the 2016 Annual ARC meeting in St. Paul, MN June 21-23, 2016. The contest winners will be announced during the final evening of the meeting at the Golden ARC Awards reception and dinner. We look forward to meeting you there.

Good luck to all the contestants and thank you for supporting ARC. We hope to see you at this year’s meeting in St. Paul.


POSealGet to Know the APR and Become a Leader in the Field

Bob Giblin, APR

As a mid-career public relations professional, you know that your success depends on staying relevant, resourceful, and inspired. Recognized worldwide, the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) integrates timeless communications principles with contemporary strategies and tactics, and distinguishes you as a leader in the field. Invest time now to position yourself for success.

I Already Have a Degree—What Can the APR Do for Me?

The APR builds on the foundation of your educational degree, keeping you current on today’s best practices and applications in the ever-evolving communications world. Stay on the forefront of industry knowledge, continue to refine your skills and take your work to the next level by achieving—and maintaining—this important credential.

Connect With a Network of Mentors

Preparation for the APR ensures you have the tools to properly navigate challenging responsibilities, the vision to execute a larger strategy and the expertise to be a thought leader. But where do you turn to get your questions answered? Where extra support is needed, APR candidates are introduced to a tremendously skilled and experienced network of mentors, providing a lifetime of guidance and expertise.

Get Recognized for Your Expertise

With so thorough a process, the APR credential is both a professional and personal achievement—a badge of drive, capabilities, and dedication. Receiving this Universal Accreditation Board (UAB)-administered recognition demonstrates your proficiency and alignment with the cutting-edge public relations practices and knowledge that will take you to the next level in your career. In the career market, you can distinguish yourself—communicate your superior breadth of experience, depth of industry knowledge, and passion for public relations with just three letters.

The APR: Your Career Report Card

The APR process is an exercise in success. Self-assessment activities along the way—as well as the formal assessment elements themselves—inevitably communicate strengths, limitations, and requirements. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of your PR skills in the form of valuable personalized information to apply toward advancing your present role and future career.

It’s Time to Apply

It takes a professional—someone with exceptional experience, broad expertise, and strong dedication and values—to thrive at what you do. Profess what you know. Learn more and earn your APR today!

To find out more, contact Robert Giblin, APR, at, or 920397-6408.  Or, learn more at


WELCOME! New ARC Members

Sam Knipp,  American Farmers and Ranchers

Jillian Holdener, Osborn-Barr

Kirti Mutatkar,  United Ag

Aubrey Jameson, University of Missouri

Lisa Graham,  Western Producer


Webinars Update

We are continuing into 2016 with a great series of webinars. In January, Adelita Tyson Bell, McDonald Marketingeventbrite-image-addie-620w Communications, shared tips and approaches on developing winning entries for awards programs.

Key takeaways: Organize your information as you go along plus work to link goals and actual outcomes in your award program entry.

PDF of presentation:


Video access code: ARCPR7827

(case sensitive)

eventbrite-image-chalk-boardFor March, John Blue, Truffle Media Networks, highlighted some of the assumptions we have had in social media and how those assumptions will have to change.

Key take aways: Look at your social channels in place today, their recent changes, and decide if they are still valid for your PR or marketing campaigns.

PDF of presentation:


Video access code: ARCPR7827

(case sensitive)

Coming up May 12, 2016 is “Engage – The Power of Shared Values”.

Veteran communication professional, Donna Moenning, a Sr. Program Manager for The Center for Food Integrity, will provide highlights of CFI’s Engage Training approach in this webinar for ARC members.

Registration link:


AMSLOGOupdateARC Silent Auction at AMS in St. Louis

 The ARC Silent auction at the 2015 Ag Media Summit raised nearly $4,000.  The funds benefit youth programs and is split between ARC and AMS.  In total, 44 generous items were donated, and a big thank you to all ARC board members, each of whom contributed at least one item to the auction.

The Ag Relations Council receives an incredible amount of visibility from the auction at AMS, which adds to the monetary value it produces for our youth initiatives.

Items receiving the highest bids included techie gadgets, University apparel and gift baskets. Oklahoma State had the highest bid of $350 among ACT chapters for their silent auction item.

OSU Auction ContributionConsider donating an item valued at $50 or more ‑‑ a sweatshirt, basket of school-related items, stadium blanket, accessories, etc. The ACT chapter who brings in the most money for their item will win $250. We expect both students and professionals to be out-bidding one another on these fabulous items! Feel free to promote to your alumni to generate excitement before people get to Missouri.

Submit your bid now!  See 2015 ARC AMS Silent Auction Booklet for ideas.

The 2016 Ag Media Summit takes place in Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch and we look forward to receiving your incredible donations.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Spring Calendar of Events sPRING fLOWERS

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

June 22-25, 2016

ARC Annual Meeting

Intercontinental Hotel, St. Paul-Riverfront

St. Paul, Minnesota

ARC Meeting Details/Registration Information

Hotel Reservations: 1-800-628-2112 (Indicate you are with the Agricultural Relations Council group for the $185 room rate.)

 June 22-25, 2016

ARC/AMS Silent Auction

Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch, St. Louis, Missouri




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