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The Strategic Importance of PRPublic Relations Important? – Public Relations is much more than writing and distributing news releases or pitching the media. PR professionals today are strategists, event planners, social media experts, and at times, media buyers.

In the NAMA / ARC Webinar held July 9th, 2015, Melissa Dohmen, Senior Public Relations Counsel at Swanson Russell, shared background on the evolving role of PR beyond “earned” media and provided guidance on understanding how a PR strategy can help your organization meet its business goals.

Ms. Dohmen also covered how you can spur media coverage without a press release or a new product, and wrapped up with information on how to measure and evaluate the success of PR programs.

Coming up for next half of 2015: We have two more webinars for 2015 to deliver. One of them will be “How do you develop a winning entry for a media, marketing, or PR award program” and the other webinar topic is still being developed.

FYI: Earlier this year ARC hosted two webinars that are still available to all ARC members as part of your membership.

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    Password: Request it from ARC

  • When Activists Have You Up Against the Ropes

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