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Let Your Brand Stand Out

Muxiang Pajerski
Project Manager – Marsh McLennan Agency

Muxiang Pajerski has a background in advertising, marketing, and graphic design for over 20 years. She worked as a public relations professional for several organizations in the past 10+ years, such as Toastmasters International, UPS for DownS, and Chicago Northwest Suburban Chinese School. Before her current National Marketing and Technology Project Manager position, she was a creative manager at a digital marketing agency and PR manager at District 30 of the non-profit organization Toastmasters International.

With her multicultural background, empathetic leadership style, and deep knowledge of public relations and digital marketing, she has an excellent understanding of different audiences and cultures, branding, publicity, and social impact.

Muxiang strives to help others and create a positive social impact. Even though English is not her first language, she has become a community leader and public-speaking mentor to many. She believes a good brand and business should always put people first, and everyone and every brand should deserve a chance to grow.

This webinar was held April 12, 2023 and is now available to all ARC members below, and at

Email for the access code to watch the webinar.

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