The Agricultural Relations Council (ARC) has reinstated the scholarship program for college students studying ag communications. Through our newly established Foundation, ARC will grant one $1,500 scholarship for the 2015-2016 school year. “We are excited to begin this scholarship program again,” said Executive Director Den Gardner. “We hope to provide more scholarships in the future, and this is our first step.” ARC conducted a scholarship program up until about 10 years ago. Through the financial contributions of recent Hall of Fame recipients Richard Howell and Gary Myers, along with pledges from several others in the organization, ARC will now award its scholarship in the spring. Donors include Daren Williams, Amy McDonald and Bob Giblin. “ARC believes in promoting careers in ag PR and this is one more effort to accomplish that goal,” said Mike Opperman, president of the ARC board of directors. In October, notices were sent to universities and college announcing the program. Students have until March 1, 2015, to submit their applications. Among those contacted are the Ag Communicators of Tomorrow (ACT) students through its state chapters. ARC members are encouraged to help spread the word about the .  If you know of a student interested in applying for the scholarship, please direct them to the website or direct all questions to the ARC office; email ARC at, phone: 952/758-5811.  2015 ARC Scholarship Application